News: Musketeers Team Honors the 1st Place Winner in the 2nd China College IC Competition

Our team Musketeers and project “An FPGA IoT Sensor-Hub Based on RISC-V” just won the 1st place winner of the UNIGROUP (紫光) design track in the 2nd China College IC Competition (中国大学生集成电路创新创业大赛). In this project, we designed a multi-functional FPGA IoT sensor-hub with a RISC-V CPU and an RT-Thread real-time operating system.

Totally 9 different design tracks supported by ADI, ARM, IEEE, NI, Huawei, YMTC (长江存储), C-SKY (中天微), Vimicro (中星微), and UNIGROUP were opened, and more than 900 teams participated in this competition.

Hanchen Ye
Hanchen Ye
PhD Student in UIUC

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